MC Nuffy threatens to sue Spice

Written by on January 3, 2019

Last weekend, in a most riveting Instagram Live update, dancehall star Spice brought quite a few entertainment industry players under fire for various transgressions.

She expressed regret at collaborating with D’Angel and claimed to know some intimate details of broadcaster Nikki Z’s personal life. The Black Hypocrisy singer also levelled serious allegations against dancehall selector Andrew ‘MC Nuffy’ Nelson, accusing him of paedophilia and drug trafficking.

In response to the jaw-dropping declaration, the selector plans to take the matter to court.

“My intention is to sue her. Not only do I have the intention, I’m going to do it. Mi nuh inna nuh joke talking. Me a take it to another level. She call me a drug mule, seh she going call immigration and that I’m a paedophile. Where’s the proof? You ever see me get locked up? Dis a nuh joke business. I am 200 per cent sure of myself. I have never been a drug mule or locked up or interrogated for being a paedophile,” Nuffy told THE STAR.

“[Spice] bigger than me now. She on top of the mountain and can say anything. But she need to set an example. Is not a regular ‘he said/she said’ Sting type of thing. This beyond the entertainment industry. It’s a serious matter. So, make Grace Hamilton know seh mi a sue har for defamation of character,” Nuffy said.

Since the video began making the rounds, Nuffy said that he has been on the receiving end of many messages, especially from the diaspora.


“[Spice] can’t have this all over the world. People from Canada and the UK a Facebook and DM (direct message) me. Dem nuh love wah she a seh. The greatest thing is some people don’t believe. But what about other people who just become fans of Spice today, who don’t know me from before?” he said.

As the father of toddler twin girls, MC Nuffy fears that Spice’s allegations would harm his travels, income, and, in turn, negatively impact his home life.

“Mi hurt. People ‘fraid a paedophile. Dem tek it serious. Mi ready fi travel and ‘fraid. She put me at risk, suh mi can’t feed mi kids, a try stop my yute dem food. She inna di rich lane, me inna di poor lane same way. Don’t blight my yute. Yours all right, I want mine to be all right,” he told THE STAR.

Although they fall on different ends of the income spectrum, Nuffy continues to take credit for the advancement of Spice’s career, particularly in the early days.

“In 2000, when she come to me as a singer, me teach her how to deejay. Me tell her everything ’bout stage. But she hype over everything. She take me for a ride and put me to the side. The whole Portmore know, and is this me receive? A diss mi buss Spice fa? Spice fi remember where she a come from. The high, white horse weh yuh deh pon, please come off a it,” he said.

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