My father, my king

Written by on June 21, 2020

TODAY, fathers across the world will be recognised for their contributions to their families. Reggae singer Warrior King feels the celebration of dads shouldn’t be reserved for only a day.

“I love my father very much not only on Father’s Day but all-year-round. He is a very special person in my life,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

His father, Tass Dyer, 71, hails from the farming community of Sanguinetti district in Clarendon.

According to Warrior King, his father is a role model and was a true disciplinarian.

“Dad did his best for everyone of his children, even though he was separated from my mother. As children we would journey to Clarendon, make post cards sometimes to say how much we love dad. As children we would cook him a meal, sat together and shared the good times we had over the years,” he said.

“I have never heard my father curse a bad word [expletive]. In fact, my father never curse bad words in front of his children. This is one of the things I admired about him and although he was caring he never spare the rod and spoilt his children,” he continued.

He recalls one of those ‘whoopings’ he received as a child.

“I was about nine years old and having watch a movie, ah start to get active and broke out a pane of glass from the back window of the house. A tell you this was a fine lashing; one I’ll will never forget,” he said.

Warrior King said his dad had no favourites and gave each of his three children choices.

“He (dad) isn’t the person who pushes things down one’s throat. He allowed me to experience life. He gave me choices and that to me is preparing your children to think for themselves; ask relevant questions; and to make final decisions with the guide of parents,” he said.

“When I was attending primary school, playing football, my father was always there cheering and supporting me. It was like an athlete who being on the track they see their parents cheering. This gives them the drive to run faster and that was what my father did, gave me the drive to play to the best of my ability,” he continued.

Warrior King (born Mark Anthony Dyer) came to national prominence in 2001 with Virtuous Woman. He has four children — two with his present wife, Leslie-Ann. He feels the family needs both parents.

“It takes a man and a woman to bring forth a child. So both parents must be respected. Some mothers feel that fathers should be only respected once they are able to push out the money like Brinks. But what about communicating with his family, attending PTA meetings and giving other supports,” he said.

“I know this for real that some fathers get no respect from their children, especially when they are separated from the children’s mother. These fathers are embarrassed and they are really afraid to spend any time at the house,” he continued.

And come today, Warrior King has plans for his dad.

“We plan to surprise him. Because of the social distancing, we will not be taking him out anywhere, we’ll cooking, eating, talking about past experiences,” he added.

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