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Target: Scammers Jamaica, US establish joint task force

  Jamaica and the United States have established a joint task force to go after lottery scammers who are bilking millions of dollars from Americans, mainly senior citizens, each year. There has been no official announcement yet from either government about the new task force which will be designed to jolt the scammers and, in […]


CALL FOR HEROES Case being made for Marley, Cliff, Miss Lou and Bolt

  OPPOSITION Senator Floyd Morris said he will be tabling a motion in the Upper House for Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Miss Lou and Usain Bolt to be named national heroes ahead of the Jamaica’s diamond Independence celebrations next year. He made the announcement at yesterday’s sitting of the Senate at Gordon House in Kingston. […]


Ready to rumble

Spice’s lawyer set for legal showdown Ayisha Robb, attorney-at-law representing Spice, says her legal team is ready to defend the Grammy-nominated dancehall act in court against any allegations by the Chug It team. “If they’re suing, they just have to do what they have to do. We can’t do anything about that. We’ll just defend […]

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