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Mr D
Artist NameMr D
GenresRevival, Reggae, roots & Dub

Mr D Biography

My musical Biography: MR D. AKA. RAS DANIJAH. Late 50s Baby. So my First musical memories are of Fats Domino, Little Richards, Chuck Berry, James Carr, Booker.T. Sammy Davies, need I go on! By the age of Eight! I was sneaking out of the family home to go the local All night Blues party. “Got caught after a couple weeks”. From that point I know I was infected with the musical Madness. At 15 thrown across the Room, cheaking my 30 watts valve amp, what was still plugged in……Survived That. And went on to owning my sound system. Soul Love. In partnership with (Bongo Star) whom musically I hold in high regard. Moved around the local radio seen. Landed at ketchdis in 2007 . Moved to Germany in 2011. Kept myself Sharp with playing at small summer festivals rejoined ketchdis in 2017. The rest is history.