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Dj Jiggy StarBoy

Dj Jiggy StarBoy
Birth PlaceJamaica
GenresBashment, Reggae, Dancehall

Dj Jiggy StarBoy Biography

I am Dj jiggystarboyi aka Di turf boss

I am 31 year old dad currently living in Birmingham UK. Originally from Kinston Jamaica an area called Cassia Park just off Red Hills Road. Dj jiggystarboyi has been djing for over 13 years in various clubs, pubs, indoors and outdoor events, I was also responsible for the Nottingham talent show jiggy found talent . Dj jiggystarboyi has travelled all over the UK and Europe, I have recently been to Kinston Jamaica playing dancehall basement, hip hop, RNB ,reggae and alot more. Dj jiggystarboyi is known to have worked closely with both UK and Jamaican up and coming Artist. Artist such as WASP, Indecka, Spring water, Predator, Booba star,Stamma kid,Fantom mojah,Una tuna,Black Russian and Mire .And also working with a few UK record labels such as Romez Record, Bakpay Records. As a Dj who has made his name is the UK Dj jiggystarboyi is known for his hard work, honesty and numerous ways of making people party, dance and have a good time. We believe in music and the life of music the people of the music. I have been known to be on several radio stations over the past few years. I can be found on all social media platforms i.e Facebook, Instagram twitter, Snapchat and YouTube sound cloud and mix cloud. Dj jiggystarboyi is a dancehall Dj who plays mostly grown adults music, but I also play at weddings, funerals, kids and adult birthday parties. I have also played at alot if these event over the years.thanks and have a bless Dj